Book your trip at La Casa Medioevale , you can book a relax time  in our relax room!

You will find a jazuzzi with hot water , infrared sauna and relax bed....get your 2 hours of relax.

Please contact us for booking and cost details.


The first part of our country house “La Casa Medioevale” dates back at the 1300’s , it was part of the Rospigliosi properties, and from our terrace you have a wonderful view of the Villa Rospigliosi itself.

La Casa Medioevale is in the Montalbano area, in the heart of Tuscany, where we produce Extra Virgin Olive Oil IGP from our own trees. It’s a great place to relax and enjoy the fresh air. 
All around our garden there are areas for sitting and relaxing. Walking through the garden you can smell many different scents such as lavender, rosemary, thyme, and jasmine.

We have renovated the entire house, respecting its Tuscan heritage. On the ground floor there is a big open space with a large dining-room. We have also have a little corner, our winery IN VINO VERITAS, where you can have a wine tasting or you can choose the wine that you prefer. All our wines are selected from the best wine maker of Tuscany and we are really proud to have them in...


La Casa Medioevale - Lamporecchio - Pistoia